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Let choose from the mobile buildings.

-Easily can be transferred


-Onto innumerable aims utilizable

-Immediately into a usage purchasable

-Simply can be kept good repair



The one of transportation working since 1991, commercial and Megyaszó Mobil Ház Kft. was formed beside a undertaking pursuing a construction industry activity in 2010., the building of mobile houses like that, buildings, holiday houses is the activity of which. The mobilhouse- holidaying his other big benefit the mobility, easily can be transferred, transportable without him Replica Handbags suffering an any kind of structural damage. We place landing-gear according to a claim under the buildings, like this they building permit necessary.
We undertake the building of the successors according to a claim:

- hall, workshop
- apartment houses
- holiday houses, mobile holiday houses
- garages, mobile offices
- the renovation of agricultural buildings, his building
- hunter ambush, kennels
- beehive

The level vein steel elects any frame construction the stability, the sandwich panels the economical operation, and the quality of the equipments according to the claim with a first class though the tall comfort sensation it is insured.

The buildings according to a claim can be rung change in greatness, a form. The exterior and inner casings likewise freely can be secreted according to the functional and aesthetic claim. The buildings can be ordered you are furnished totally partly.
Reference our for works on this side be on view.

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